Prawns and Avocado Salad

This salad may be a throwback to my childhood, but it still makes a great lunch or starter, so let’s put some mousse in our hair (not that I need any!), put on some Vinyl (Prince of course)and put this perfect nutritious little salad together.

Salad greens are actually great to have at the start of a meal to stimulate your digestive enzymes, which help you to make the most of the delicious food you are eating. Avocado has lots of heart healthy potassium and good fats, fibre for your gut and support for healthy cholesterol levels. Prawns contain selenium, which supports our thyroid and is an amazing anti-oxidant, zinc for healing and bone healthy minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and copper. Married together with a lovely tasty Marie Rose sauce, these ingredients go perfectly together.

o Salad leaves
o Avocadoo Frozen Prawns (Follow the instructions to make sure they are defrosted safely)
o Paprikao Sauce​​o 100ml Mayonnaise
o 1 Dessertspoon Relisho Lemon 
o Sea Salt & Black Pepper
o Dash of GF Worcester Sauce

✓ Chop salad leaves and place on bottom of glass
✓ Slice avocado and place on top of salad with a small squeeze of lemon juice
✓ Mix sauce ingredients together well and then pour over prawns 
✓ Mix Sauce and prawns well and spoon over salad and avocado
✓ Sprinkle with a dash of paprika and serve with a wedge of lemon

How easy is this! However, prawns are a shellfish that can be allergenic, so if you are cooking for other people, always check if they have any allergies first, before planning your menu and remember to defrost thoroughly according to instructions on the pack.

Lyn Sharkey Nutrition
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