Curried Rice Salad

This is another great staple for summer or winter, because curried rice salad is equally delicious hot or cold. When you add spices to any dish, you are adding nutritional benefits as well as fabulous taste! Adding both curry powder and turmeric to the rice when you are boiling it, not only gives it a vibrant colour, but increases the anti-inflammatory power of your dish.

For those of you who think that you can’t cook rice, the best tip is to simmer it until most of the water has been absorbed (you will see “holes” in the top of the rice) and then steam it with lid tightly on and heat turned off. Every few minutes, fluff it with a fork until you are ready to serve.

Curry Powder Turmeric


  • Brown Rice/Basmati Rice/Brown Basmati Rice (I used 1 mug)
  • Boiling Water (1 1/2 times the amount of Rice you are cooking)
  • Curry Powder
  • Turmeric
  • Frozen Peas
  • Carrot
  • Red pepper


  • Rinse the rice well
  • Boil the water in the saucepan and then add the rinsed rice
  • Simmer until cooked (see introduction above for cooking tip)
  • Cook the frozen peas for a few minutes and drain well
  • Chop the vegetables into small cubes
  • When you are ready, mix the rice, peas and chopped vegetables together well in a large bowl
  • Add a little salad dressing and mix through
  • Serve hot or cold with a sprig or coriander or parsley

The ingredients are so good and adding a dressing really amps up the flavour and adds some heart healthy oil. If you would like to store some to eat the following day, make sure that you follow safety guidelines for storage of cooked rice.

According to the Consumers Association of Ireland, “Refrigerate rice as soon as possible after it cools (put it in a shallow container to speed up cooling), and only keep for one day. You should keep leftovers for a maximum of three days before eating. But if in doubt about the smell or look of leftovers, throw them out.”

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