Fantastic Food & Why To Eat It! – A book for children about why food is important for our amazing bodies…

Did you know that good food can help us to be in a good mood? Everything that we put into our mouth has the power to make us feel better or worse – and we are not talking about a temporary sugar high! We are talking about feeling stronger and more energetic.

Lyn collaborated with her eleven-year-old “god-phew” Nathan, to try out some recipes which young people will enjoy, and hopefully encourage them to get into the kitchen and develop a great relationship with whole food.

“My nephew Nathan and I worked hard on trying out some recipes in this book that he enjoyed making and eating. So, we hope that you give us a chance to prove to you that eating more natural foods is not only healthier for you but is tasty too. We are not saying that you can’t have the odd takeaway – heaven forbid! However, if you eat better MOST of the time, you will discover that your body will work better for you, and that includes your brain and how you feel about yourself.

We eat food at least three times every day, so shouldn’t we know more about what we are putting into our mouths? We challenge you to read this book and find out for yourself!”
Lyn & Nathan

Our book is available to buy on several platforms including Easons,,, Ebay, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble, Blackwells, Awesome Books and our publishers.

Lyn Sharkey Nutrition
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