We all know that everything is better after a good night’s sleep. However, it is not always easy to achieve a good 7-9 hours for a multitude of reasons. Our busy stressful world fires information at us 24/7 and we tend to be on the go seven days a week. Michelle Hutton (Bodyauratherapies.com) and I had a chat about how why sleep is so important to us and how it can underpin issues for our clients. We hope that it will encourage you to prioritise some daily habits which can contribute to your better sleep.

We tend to think that we just need to wind down a couple of hours before we get into bed. Believe it or not, how our night’s sleep goes, starts as soon as we wake up in the morning! We can practice certain habits, like getting 15 minutes of daylight early in the day to help maintain our circadian rhythm. Note that I say daylight and not sunlight – in Ireland we can’t depend on the sun to dazzle EVERY day of the year!! Ah but that nourishing rain makes the country look so beautiful, so I am not complaining.

Discovering just how much our bodies do for us as we lay sleeping, is quite amazing. Our bodies want to heal, so we simply need to give them a chance to do so. However, when we have had trouble sleeping for a long period, we can feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Perhaps 17 tips will seem too many! However, just pick one and build on that. We certainly don’t want to stress ourselves out but we can move slowly and surely in the direction of better habits for better health.  Michelle and I recorded our conversation about sleep and are pleased to share it with you now.  I picked up some new tips myself, so if you are interested in learning more about maintaining your health, this video will hopefully help you on your journey.

Lyn Sharkey Nutrition
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